Research Coordinator – Quantag Nanotechnologies

About us:

Quantag is a nanotechnology company. State-of-the-art research is at the heart of our business. We provide high-technology solutions to existing problems in various industries.

Quantag was founded in early 2014 as a spin-off company from Opet Petrolculuk A.S. with a private equity of Koç Holding and Ozturk Group.

The research and development staff is comprised of highly qualified scientists specialized in nanotechnology, quantum dot synthesis, flow reaction processes and sensor technologies. Quantag also collaborates with universities and institutions to extend its innovation capabilities, and cooperate with companies for market oriented innovations.

Quantag is a highly technology oriented company, performing cutting edge research to develop advanced commercial products and solutions for the fuel marker, product authentication and security printing markets. Our strength is based on the ability to design advanced products/solutions delicately customized to meet industry/customer needs.


Position: Research Coordinator – Marker Technologies and Production Team

As a key member of the Marker Technologies and Production Team, you will supervise R&D projects related to fluorescent material technologies using synthetic organic and/or analytical chemistry knowledge. In your new role, you will also engage with cross-functional teams in and out of the company, working on many aspects of projects details.



  • Develop/synthesize fluorescent material (e.g. dyes, quantum dots) according to company’s designated commercial goals
  • Supervise projects and conduct routine project evaluation meetings
  • Work in coordination with the collaborated academic teams
  • Work in coordination with other R&D teams (sensor technologies and applied research)
  • Identify the technical requirements for scale-up production of selected dyes/quantum dots
  • Build supplier database for raw materials and other production items
  • Perform/organize product technical and safety data sheet preparations
  • Organize the preparation of routine project progress reports
  • Evaluate intellectual property opportunities and initiate application procedures
  • Attend customer meetings and identify technical demands


  • Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry from a reputable university
  • M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in chemistry (organic or analytical)
  • 5+ years of experience (if you hold a PhD, 2+) in synthesis and characterization of organic compounds in an industrial or academic/scientific institution.
  • Experience in organic synthesis, purification and surface modifications is a highly valuable asset. Thus, corresponding candidates are encouraged to demonstrate records of related scientific achievement through publications, presentations, etc.
  • Ability to employ characterization tools, in both operation and results interpretation, particularly in absorbance/florescence spectroscopy, HPLC, GC
  • Creative and proactive in problem solving, able to set results driven new directions in the projects whenever required
  • Able to understand and adapt to highly customer oriented R&D environment
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English with good technical reporting and presentation skills
  • No difficulties in travelling internationally
  • No military obligation for male candidates

To apply, you can visit by clicking here.

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