Business Analysis Team Leader – Ekol Yeni Nesil Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Business Analysis Team Leader – Ekol Yeni Nesil Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş.


Although we are all working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our offices are located in BUDOTEK Teknopark. We are looking for candidates who are either qualified enough for, or have experience in team leadership to lead one of our Business Analysis teams. We expect our new team leader to have a degree in engineering, and at least six years of work experience. Our primary concern is the candidate’s communication skills and interpersonal relations – we expect these to be no less than perfect. Within the team, we expect the candidate to truly lead the team, work with the team, generate momentum and motivation for the team. The candidate’s English level should be sufficient for analysis documents and business correspondence in writing; good enough for proper face-to-face communication and teleconference situations in speaking. Once the pandemic is over, the candidate may be expected to travel.


The new team leader, in addition to their responsibilities concerning their team and customers, will be expected to form strong working relationships with the software teams and ensuring well coordinated and result oriented work by the software and analysis teams. As the analysis team leader, they should claim primary ownership of the work and product and work with the required sense of urgency and responsibility.


On the technical side, we expect the candidate to be familiar with software technologies sufficient to understand the work of software engineers; and knowledgeable enough in SQL to write and execute their own queries.



  • Define the scope, and facilitate consensus among teams in multinational technological transformation and renewal projects.
  • Lead improvement projects for our brand name which we have built with a modern parcel delivery culture.
  • Perform distribution of tasks among teams and keeping track of the progress of these tasks in projects requiring multi-system integration.
  • Attend design and modeling meetings with software engineers, assume a guiding role when necessary.
  • Perform impact analysis and share the results with the relevant teams in large-scale system designs; also make sure the analysis documents reflect these results as needed.
  • Perform functional tests, manage user acceptance tests, coordinate deployments, monitor production systems and provide support.

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